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The Nei Pori village promenade is a nice place for a stroll in the early morning or evening. It invites you for some jogging and cycling or just having a traditional Greek coffee at one of the cafe's along the promenade.

Promenade at sunrise with snowy Olympus

In the evening, one can find nice places in abundance here, just for a drink or to have a bite. Either at a traditional Greek restaurant or in a Greek "fastfood" place, serving souvlaki and giros. You could also choose yourself a pizzeria, a pancake- or ice-salons, fish-restaurant, coffee-bar etc.

People enjoy a evening walk along the beach, are having a drink or just sitting on one of the public benches along the promenade and gazing at the sunset.

Just behind that, you will find small shops, a few supermarkets and the cheaper, but maybe even better real Greek restaurants, that the locals prefer. Ask us to put you in the right direction for a quality meal for a small price.

Nei Pori promenade with beachbars

Nei Pori is a relatively new village. It is built in the end of the Seventies when the grounds were allotted (by the right-winged government, after the Junta) to the villagers of the old mountain village Pori or "Pourlia" in the foothills of the Lower Olympus mountains. You can see the old village from the beach some 8 km up in the mountains behind New Pori.

The grounds where New Pori is situated, once constituted the pastor fields of the old village Pourlia. Pori lies within the Delta of the Pinios River. This delta is a protected bird area and a Nature 2000 area. The presence of the river delta also explains the sandy beaches and shallow thus warm sea, that is without currents and ideal for small children.

Karitsa beach at mount Kissafos (Ossa)

Just south of the village there are many kilometers of unorganized, quiet or even "private" and naturist beaches. A little further, at the foot of the Kissafos mountain, many idyllic, small bays are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed (see the picture above).

A view at the village and the Lower Olympus from the sea in front of our house