Beach House Nei Pori





Ground Floor: Here you find the main entrance, leading into the hallway and a large in-house marble staircase to the first floor.

utside, you have ample space, provided by a garden of 150m2 and a large multi-functional and shaded space underneath the house, which can be used both as parking lot for up to 3 cars, or a large camper, playground and barbecue space.

On your right hand, immediately after the main entrance door, you'll find a small extra bathroom with toilet, shower and wash-hand basin,  coming in handy when returning from the beach. In the hallway, there is enough room to leave your beach umbrella, mattresses and other beach stuff.

The next door on your right gives way to a small extra kitchen, useful if you are having a barbecue outside.

Going up the stairs you'll arrive at the upstairs entrance of the main apartment, situated on the first floor.

First floor: After entering  the main door, you are in the upstairs hallway, situated in the center of the house, in its turn giving access on the left-hand side and straight ahead (see picture above) to a spacious 7X8 mtr, L-shaped living- and dining room. Here you find a large dining table and couches for 6-8 people, television, satellite. Optionally, a 2Mb wireless internet connection.

The living room has access to the balcony and a magnificent view at the sea (Thermaikos Gulf), the beach, the village promenade and Mount Olympus.

The dining room is directly connected to the main kitchen of 3x3m. The kitchen, which has also access to the balcony, is equipped with an extra breakfast table for 4 people, a double kitchen sink in a 2,5m bench, a 2-door fridge/freezer, a microwave, small electric oven with grill, 3 cooking-plates, water cooker, coffee-machine, toaster, foodprocessor, fondue set and gourmet set. All utensils, cutlery, pots and pans are naturally available.

Back to the central hallway entering the appartment, at the right hand side there is a small corridor that gives way to the two large 2-bed bedrooms, both again with access to the balcony, each with aircondioning and a closet.
This corridor also leads to the main bathroom with shower, cabinet, wash-basin, toilet, bidet, hairdryer, washing machine and an electrical heater.

The balcony is 35 meter long and runs on three sides of the house. From here, you have a direct view at the sea, beach and  the green mountains behind the village. Almost within reach you see Mount Olympus, which throws its shadows over the village in beautiful sunsets every day again in never boring colors and atmospheres.

Opposite the house and across the Thermaikos Gulf, just on the horizon, the mountains near Thessalonica and Chalkidiki show on clear days. At night, the twinkling lights of dozens of villages in the distance across the bay are visible as far as 40 km away, scattered over the foothills of Mount Olympos and even further, sprinkled along the coastline of the Chalkidiki peninsula at the other side of the bay.


Since October 2011 we make good use of the Greek sun that shines abundantly here. At the same time we contribute to the preservation of our precious environment, lowering greenhouse gasses production.
For a quick overview of our results (and the many hours of sunshine) you can go here
You can log in, using our email address: and the password:  "beachhouse".
Results are very encouraging and with a return of 15% per year per produced Kwh, an investment in solar power is certainly more rewarding that putting you money in the bank. After all the sun does not go bankrupt, the banks did.
Other things we did to minimize our (and your) energy footprint of the house and help conserving earth are:
- lowering the rent  and let everybody pay for his own energy consumption and.
- the airconditioning systems that are partly with inverter and all have an A or A+ energy label, as do all other electrical appliances, lamp bulbs etc.
- installing a 200 liter solar hot water system with an integrated (meaning more efficient even in winter) electrical boiler.
There is an extra 1.000 liter watertank on the roof which is warmed up by the sun supplying water with temperatures up to 30 degrees in summer. See the picture on this page.
- the roof is thermoinsulated against the heat (but also the cold in winter!) with 5cm thick polystyrene plates. 
- Watertaps, showers and toilets are of low water consumption type.
- Furthermore, we cultivate our own vegetables and fruits in our backyard,  as much as possible, naturally without using any fertilizers.
- We also try to avoid travelling to the beachhouse by private car. Instead we use the train, which is cheaper, faster, comfortable and less dangerous, if you know what the Greek traffic is like! 

Second floor: 
From the entrance of the main apartment on the first floor, the staircase continues and brings you to a 100 m2 big roof terrace from which you have a fantastic view at the surrounding village, the sea and the Olympus and Ossa mountains.
Here you can have a sunbath in full privacy, or just sit in the sunset and have a relaxing drink.

On this roof terrace, there is a small and quiet extra room of 2,5X4,5 m with
2 single beds, airconditioning, a closet and a washing basin with hot, cold and fresh water.

All roofing of the first floor and roofterrace room is thermo-insulated, which allows you to just sparsely use airconditioning or heating.